Friday, January 27, 2012

Question about Harry in the show Dexter?

I just recently started watching this show online. Im only on episode six so far but I really like it. The only thing that I think is kinda weird (I mean besides the fact that Dex is a serial killer lol) is that his dad, Harry seems to understand and be so okay with the fact that he needs to kill things. I mean if my kid was like hey mom I have the urge to kill animals and people :), I might panic a little and maybe take my kid to oh I dont know, a therapist. But he seems so understanding! Why is that? Does anyone know? Its just kinda odd.

Other then that I think its a very addicting show its like I cant stop watching it!|||Dexter saw his mom brutally murdered and Harry rescued him. Harry knows he's messed up by what he saw so he's pretty patient with him. He just wants to give Dexter a chance in the world. You'll understand more when you see more episodes. fyi - Harry was Ajax in the Warriors (great movie).|||When Harry learned that Dexter was displaying serial killer tendencies he knew he had to handle the problem in a proactive manner. Trying to suppress Dexter's urge to kill would only exacerbate the problem. Harry was a cop and he understood that the criminal justice system was flawed (i.e. guilty people sometimes beat the system). It was Harry's goal to turn Dexter's pathological urges into something that could benefit society, all the while providing Dexter with a sense that his actions were not completely deviant. Harry taught his adopted son Dexter a code, which was basically a set of guidelines on who should be killed (only other killers) and how to conduct himself in such a way as to not get caught.

02 registration?

I have been trying to register onto 02 online. If you go the 02 website and click on the left hand side "send a free text", it will then come up saying "Log In" or "Register". I have clicked register, and then it says "Pre-Register". I have entered my mobile number and have the text I received with my registration code in. However, the screen does not change after I have entered my mobile number and entering the registration number into the site in that box does not work. Can anyone help me? If you do not understand or would like anymore clearer information email me at :)

If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks.|||i am not familiar with 02 but problems like this usually are solved by erasing your cookies - cleaning history in the browser.

What happens if you use action replay for all 493 pokemon then talk to the game directer in pokemon diamond?

I got an AR for Christmas and used the complete national dex cheat. Then I went and talked to the game dude. Now I hear that when you do that, you are instantly banned from going online and the whole gts thing. I dont have the wi-fi thing yet but i was wondering... is that true? I was going to restart my game cuz i kinda think the AR is stupid and cheap- yes i know what your thinking *then why the hell did you use it in the first place*- but i was wondering if i restarted my game that that would be fixed. If not, please tell me how to fix it.

Thanks in advance|||na i did the same thing u would not get banned i get hackk pokemon a trade it though wifi shiny dragonnite is very rare idk y but u would not be banned

Pwi: Barb build question?

Hii :)

So, erm. I play this online game when I'm bored.

It's called perfect world international.

I made a barb a few days ago,

%26amp; I decided to take the tankbuild-path.

But the problem is, I don't really understand it.

Some people tried to explain it to me,

I read a few forums. But I still don't get it.

They said, look at the req strength and dex of your future weapon/armor,

%26amp; the rest of the points go to vit.

But what do they mean with my future weapon?

And what armor do I have to look at?

The highest lvl armor and weap or the closest lvl armor/weap to my lvl?

Ah, this is so confusing %26gt;_%26lt;

Can someone explain it to me in a not too complicated way that won't overwhelm my peanutbrain? :D Thanks.|||Well, the answer is simple.

Always look at the requirements of the item (be it weapon or armour) closest to your level. You COULD of course plan ahead and decide that for the lvl so and so you need such and such stat and just dump points there till you have enough but it can hinder other stats and is recommended for advanced players. As for which armour to look at, since you are tank build look ONLY at Heavy Armour (or shortened HA). Tank build need alot of HP and def so HA is the best option since it doesn't chew up too many points into dex allowing you to use them in vit instead. There are many forum posts and other sites about the different item requirements so if you DO want to plan ahead or just don't want to run every level to tailor and blacksmith to check I suggest you look at them as well.

Hope I answered your question properly.

How to DJ on a pc???????


For ages I've wanted to learn to dj and cannot afford to buy dex or get lessons just yet.

So I first wanted to attempt to learn just through the computer. Is this possible?

If so what programs should I download to do this? Will I have to pay? or are there free ones available?

Is it hard? I seriously no nothing about djing only about bpms? that they have to be pretty similar or else everything will sound ****** up -- unless your a super good dj Lol

Are there any videos/tutorials online you guys could suggest to teach me? If so please post away

and any tips you have please send them along. I really want to learn to dj but at the moment am saving money for a holiday so am not allowed to spend on wants :(

Please help me out

greatly appreciated!|||I know a new release software, iPod magic.It is smart and powerful but it isn't free.

It is really powerful and ideal ipod copy software.|||itunes

Finding Starter Pokemon in Platinum?

Im trying to get all starters and so far im doing pretty well. I dont like to trade online unless its gts so I need to see the pokemon to get them. I need squirtal and charmander. Im also willing to hatch them from eggs so seeing evolutions of these is fine two. I have the national dex. My question is does anyone know any place where I could see squirtal, charmander, wartortal, blastoise, charmeleon, or charizard?|||No unless there is a glitch or event you will not find starters in the wild.|||No|||Impossible unless you have FireRed or LeafGreen and can find it in Pal Park to migrate it to your Platinum.

May seem stupid to ask but...?

where on earth is the radiator cap on a 2006 chevy cobalt?

i know where the coolant is and oil but i can not for the life of me find the radiator and my car has been overheating every once in a while and it is concerning me. the fan stays on when i turn the car off which i have never heard of, it cuts off but it makes me worry. i have been told that where i have been putting my coolant but it is clearly a coolant tank, but what worries me is that it has a radiator cap that i have noticed from researching online. its not one of the ones that has the red flap or whatever on top, its just a black cap that says never open when hot and it says dex cool or something like that on it. i am very worried about my little car. please help!|||the "coolant" tank or over flow tank is where you can add anti freeze. If it is over heating then you need to have it checked and see why. thermostat might need replacing. Is your temp gauge telling you it is hot cause the little fans do run when you turn the car off that is normal